Upcoming retreats & special events

6 months at a glance

April 2023

April 8: What’s the point? Learning to live with purpose

April 14-15: Drop of Essential Nectar Fasting Retreat

April 15: Buddha's Enlightenment Day/Offering to the Spiritual Guide

April 22: Introduction to Tantra

May 2023

May 2-7: Texas Tour with Gen Kelsang Rigpa at various locations in Houston, Austin, Dallas, and Fort Worth

May 4: Public Talk: Modern Buddhism | Connecting to the Joy Within Our Own Mind with Special Teacher, Gen Kelsang Rigpa

May 20: Dealing with Anger

May 27: Urban Retreat

May 26-31: UK Spring Festival at Manjushri KMC

June 2023

June 3: Venerable Geshe-la Retreat with 3 sessions

June 4: Buddha’s Turning The Wheel of Dharma Day Puja & Potluck

June 10: Introduction to Mandala Offerings

June 11 - 15: Guru Yoga/Mandala Offering retreat

June 17: Learning to Meditate

June 17: Open House

June 23-28: US Festival at the International Kadampa Retreat Center New York

July 2023

July 1: Library Talk

July 8: Meditations for Beginners: Clear Mind

July 22: The Wheel of Life

July 29 – August 12: International UK Summer Festival at Manjushri KMC

August 2023

August 12: Meditations for Beginners

August 19: Guided Lamrim Retreat

August 20 - 24: Lamrim Retreat

August 26: Learning to Concentrate

September 2023

September 1-4: Love is the Great Protector Away Retreat at the Lotus Ranch

September 9: Urban Retreat

September 22: Buddha’s Return From Heaven Day Public Talk: Awakening our Pure Potential

September 23: Open House

September 30: Death and Dying Workshop

October 2023

October 6-12: International Fall Festival at KMC Spain Malaga

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