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If you’re not sure what to expect, here is some helpful info. Just come on in the front door. It is open.

Every one of us was the new person walking through the door for the first time. It’s understandable that you may be a bit nervous or not know what to expect. Below are some tips and info that may help. Feel free to contact us with any questions. 

Start here

Drop-in weekly class
We also call them Drop-in classes which happen weekly and are suitable for beginners.

Here’s what happens
There’s an introduction, a short guided breathing meditation, followed by the teaching and one more meditation. All you need to do is sit and listen and enjoy your meditation

Feel free to take notes
This can help you remember some key points. After class sometimes there is room for questions.

Wear your comfy clothes

There is no formal wear
Come comfortable. We’ll leave our shoes off, sit in chairs or on a cushion on the floor. Your choice.

More class options

Retreats + Special Events
These happen typically on weekends, so if that works better with your schedule, this is totally suitable for a beginner.

About chanted prayers
Some weekend workshops might include Buddhist prayers. You can chant along with a prayer book or just sit quietly while prayers are in progress.

When you first arrive

Someone will greet you
If you haven’t registered online, you can do so when you arrive. They’ll answer any questions and help you get orientated. There is an assistant or ‘host’ for each class to help out.

Comfortable meditation

Gompa is the name of the room where there is a Buddhist shrine and where the teaching happens
This is a comfortable room and where we leave our shoes off. Chairs or cushions on the floor. Set yourself up for your body to be the most comfortable.


Some tips for comfort
Tend to get chilly? Bring a scarf or small blanket. Ok to bring a sealed water bottle. Tuck a small notebook and pen in case you’d like to take notes. Pick up some publicity to remind you of upcoming events.

The main thing is to relax and enjoy hearing some of Buddha’s advice on having a peaceful mind!

Planning your spiritual growth

The New Kadampa Tradition has a full education plan
We are modern Buddhists with busy daily lives like everyone else. For some people, they like to know they’re options on how to grow with their spiritual path. There are many options to choose from that will fit into your busy life.

Getting started suggestions

In person - do this first

GP weekly class ( 1 day a week )
Wishfulling Jewel Puja ( 1 day a week ) - and/or
Offering to the Spiritual Guide puja (1x a month )

On your own - between classes

Download and read a free ebook paragraph
(Read just a bit each day. Contemplate and meditate for a few minutes) Download book here
Meditate ( 1 day a week)
Or more if you like.

On your own - but swamped

Listen to a short 8-10 minute Kadampa podcast
Even fine to listen in your car. These are so beneficial and come from senior teachers
Breathing meditation ( 5 minutes a day )

Then mix in a few more things

In person

Event or Workshop ( when possible )
Retreat or away event ( when possible )
Volunteer ( It’s fun and easy. We all do here )

On your own - ramp up your skills

Meditate 5x a week
Putting in the time is how to control your mind and improve your meditation skills.
Read: Buy the book you are studying in GP and read into it more

On your own, still swamped

Listen to a short 8-10 minute Kadampa podcast
Keep this going, it’s so easy.
Breathing meditation ( 5 minutes a day, 3x a day )

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Please reach out if you have any questions. We’re happy to help!

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