Every year our Lotus Ranch retreat offers us an opportunity to take our spiritual practice up a notch. During retreat, we have a chance to go deeper and let go of our usual busyness, preoccupations, and worries. Retreat gives us the opportunity to experience a spacious and life-enhancing perspective. Even with poor concentration, we are generally more peaceful, relaxed, and happy on retreat than in our ordinary fast-paced lives.

This year we will share Buddha’s timeless wisdom on developing compassion in order to heal our hearts and benefit others. These practical and uplifting teachings offer us an explanation on how we can transform our day-to-day lives - including the most demanding and difficult situations - into opportunities for personal and spiritual development.

Noreen Flack, Resident Teacher of Kadampa Meditation Center Austin and Gen Kelsang Tsoglam, Resident Teacher at Mahamudra Kadampa Meditation Center, Hermosa Beach, Ca will offer Buddha’s wisdom and advice for developing our love and compassion. Join us for all or part of the weekend. Beginners welcome!
“Developing compassion and wisdom and helping those in need is the true meaning of life..” How to Transform Your Life, Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Registration closes on August 25 for all overnight stay or registration with food option. Please email admin@meditationinaustin.org for more information or questions. 

Refund Policy: Please read the following information carefully.

* Cancellations and Refunds: A 15% fee will be retained for all cancellations up to 23:59 hours CMT (Central Mountain Time) Sunday, August 20.  After this, all fees are non-refundable. Please email admin@meditationinaustin.org for questions or exceptions.


Lotus Ranch is a beautiful, forty–acre retreat facility located in Wimberly, Texas, approximately halfway between Austin and San Antonio.  Over two miles of walking trails with two ponds and natural gardens provide the perfect setting for peaceful walks and contemplation between meditation sessions.

AccommodationsOn-site rooms are available for rooms with 2, 3, or 4 people per room. You are also welcome to stay off-site.

Check-in: The Lotus Ranch retreat facilities will be available from 5:30 pm on Friday.

On-site overnight stay: If you have a confirmed on-site room, please check at the registration area for your assigned room.

Parking: Please park in the lower parking lot area directly in front of the retreat facility buildings. (Do not park or drive to the upper main house area as that is a private area)

How to pay:
Option1: If you have an open balance, you can pay upon arrival at the retreat with Cash, Check, or Credit Card with PayPal.
Option2: You can register online at this link.

Meals: Meals are included with the retreat if requested at registration. There will be snacks available Friday night but no dinner. All meals are vegetarian. If you have any special food needs/allergies, please advise/remind us when you sign-in. We will do our best to accommodate. If you have any concerns or want more info on the content and preparation of the meals, please contact us at admin@meditationinaustin.org.

Meditation sessions:
● Each meditation session will consist of a short teaching, recitation of Buddhist prayers (in English), meditation and dedication.
● You may sit on a chair or on a cushion for the teachings and meditations. Chairs will be provided. Some meditation cushions will be provided (you may bring your own cushion if you have one). There will be plenty of space for everyone :)
● Sessions start promptly, so please arrive 5 or 10 minutes early and get settled into your spot/seat so as to be completely ready when the teacher enters.

Reading materials: The retreat meditations and teachings will follow from the Buddhist text...

Volunteering (helping out): There will be a ‘volunteer sign-up’ sheet at the check-in area for anyone who wants to help out with cooking, cleaning, meditation room prep, or changing shrine offerings during the retreat. Volunteering is a great way to participate in the full retreat experience, cherish others, and improve your karma.


For the teachings & meditation sessions:
● Teachings during the retreat will mainly come from .... We also will be using Prayers for World Peace. These will be available for purchase in the bookstore.
● Meditation floor pad and cushion if you have one. We will provide a limited number of floor pads and cushions for use.
● A cushion or back pad to make your chair more comfortable. There will be plenty of chairs for those who wish to sit on chairs.
● Wear whatever clothes are comfortable for you.

For sleeping: Bring personal toiletries, soap, shampoo, etc. Bring earplugs if you need them. The Lotus Ranch provides bedding and towels. Bring your personal pillow and blanket if you wish.

General items: A personal water bottle (for hikes or meditation sessions), flashlight, sun-block, sun-hat, sun-glasses, pen/pencil, notebook/journal, clothes appropriate for September weather, indoor shoes/sandals, and walking shoes if you want to go for a walk between sessions.


● The meditation room is a very special place. Out of respect we never wear shoes in the mediation room. Please leave your shoes near the doors during the sessions.
● Please speak in a low voice. The meditation room can be used for meditating and studying in-between sessions.
● Buddhist books and sadhanas (chanted prayer booklets) are considered Jewels. Out of respect, please do not put them on the floor or pile other things on top of them.
● Making personal audio/video recordings of the sessions is prohibited. Feel free to take written notes during the teachings. Taking notes on iPad/tablet is fine, but make sure all sounds are muted and alarms are turned off. No charging of devices or cables in the meditation room, please.
● Please, no food in the meditation room. If you wish to bring a water bottle that is fine. There will be water and cups in the back of the meditation room should you need it.
● Out of consideration for others, please make sure you turn off all cell phones and other noise-making devices before entering the meditation room.


● Please do not take food to the rooms. Bottled water in the rooms is fine.
● Candles and incense cannot be burned in the rooms.


Buddhist texts (such as mentioned above), Buddha statues, malas (prayer beads) and other items will be available for purchase throughout the retreat (schedule posted in bookstore area). You may pay with cash, check, or credit card.


● Lotus Ranch is a ‘smoke free’ environment.
● Please do not bring pets.
● In case of fire, our designated meeting place is the parking area. Please gather there immediately so we can make sure all are accounted for. Fire extinguishers and hoses are distributed throughout the buildings.
● If you go on a walk/hike at any point during the retreat, please use the buddy system or let someone know where you are going.
● Yes, there is cell phone reception. But you are encouraged to limit ‘electronic activities & worldly distractions’ while on retreat. Out of respect to other retreat attendees, if you need to make a phone call, please make your call in an area where you will not disturb others.


Time is scheduled on the last day for room clean-up. Please use this time to pack your belongings and clean up the rooms according to the description below. After the last session we will do the final kitchen clean up, pack the shrine and clean up the main dining area. Please stay and help if you are able. Check-out by 2pm, rooms vacated.


Please help out and make sure the following clean-up items are done before you leave (thank you!):
● Take any personal toiletries, towels, pillows that you may have brought with you ● Strip your bed and leave sheets piled on bed
● Turn off lights
● Close all windows and doors
● Make sure you have all your personal belongings with you when you leave. We cannot assume responsibility for any belongings left behind. Thank you.


When you get to Lotus Ranch, park you car, and check in at the white building on the right. Directions – Please use these directions, as GPS, Mapquest and Smart Phones may not be accurate.

Lotus Ranch
525 Fischer Trail
Wimberley, TX 78676
Look for the Lotus Ranch sign on Fischer Trail to turn Left.
If you have any questions or need help finding your way, you can contact Kathleen Ramos 512-809-9417.

From Austin: (15 miles to Dripping Springs)
* Take Hwy 290 West to Dripping Springs and turn south on RR12 to Wimberley (15 miles) 2325 approximately 4 miles to Fischer Store Road and turn South.
* Go South approximately 3/4 miles on Fischer Store to Fischer Trail and turn Left. * Go down gravel/dirt road 1/2 mile to the end and turn left at 525 – Lotus Ranch

From Houston, Dallas or San Antonio:
* Get to San Marcos on I-35, halfway between Austin and San Antonio.
* From San Marcos go Northwest on RR12 towards Wimberley.
* Continue through the small town of Wimberley on RR12 to the second light and turn Left on FM 2325 towards Blanco (at the Ace Hardware).
* Go West on FM 2325 approximately 4 miles to Fischer Store Road and turn South. * Go South approximately 3/4 miles on Fischer Store to Fischer Trail and turn Left. * Go down gravel/dirt road 1/2 mile to the end and turn left at 525 – Lotus Ranch

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