Prepare your mind for deeper meditations and more stable understanding

Buddhists love retreats! Without changing your normal life, you can engage in retreat. Learn the different meditations with a practice you can continue at home.

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Deep Calm Retreat

Saturday, September 30 | 3 Sessions
10:00-11:15AM, 12:30-1:45PM, 3:00-4:15PM

This beginner-friendly retreat is an excellent introduction to the practice of meditation in general, and to the meditations on the clarity of mind in particular. So much stress, anxiety, and frustration arise from unpeaceful states of mind. The solution is to quiet the internal busyness of your mental activity and absorb into the practice of meditation on the clarity of the mind itself.

Join us in this full day retreat that includes both teachings and guided meditations for all levels of practitioners.


Kadampa Meditation Center Austin
1918 Bissel Lane
Austin, TX, 78745 

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$20 regular
$10 students/seniors
Free for supporters

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1918 Bissel Lane
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