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Buddhists love retreats! Without changing your normal life, you can engage in retreat. Learn the different meditations with a practice you can continue at home.

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Drop of Essential Nectar 
Purification & Fasting Retreat

Friday & Saturday
April 14 & 15

Every year we celebrate Buddha’s Enlightenment Day with a fasting purification practice, known as Drop of Essential Nectar. During this practice, we emphasize compassion, the very heart of enlightenment, by engaging in prostrations to 1,000 armed Avalokiteshvara, the Buddha of Compassion.

This practice is very powerful for purifying negative karma of body, speech, and mind, and for pacifying strong delusions such as desirous attachment and hatred. It is also a special method for receiving blessings and improving our experience of love, compassion, and bodhichitta.

(Attend 1-day or 2)

Friday, April 14
6:30–815:am Session 1*
10:30am–12pm Session 2
3–4:30pm Session 3

Saturday, April 15
6:30–8:15am Session 1*
10:30am–12pm Session 2
3–4:30pm Session 3

* Precepts are taken each morning. You must attend the 6:30am session each day to participate in the Drop of Essential Nectar Retreat. You are welcome to join for only 1-day Friday or Saturday or for 2-days Friday and Saturday. This retreat includes prostrations and fasting. Please email with questions about this special opportunity.


Kadampa Meditation Center Austin
1918 Bissel Lane
Austin, TX, 78745 

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$25/ person
$12.50/ seniors, students & members

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